Do I need boat liability insurance?

Here you can find out everything about liability insurance for recreational craft. Read on if you want to know what recreational craft liability insurance costs and how it works. 

The following topics await you in this article:

  • What is boat liability insurance?
  • What does boat liability insurance cost?
  • Is it necessary to have boat liability insurance?
  • What is the difference to skipper liability?
  • What are the advantages of boat liability insurance from

What is boat liability?

Liability insurance for recreational craft is comparable to private or motor vehicle liability insurance. If you cause damage to a third party with your recreational craft, liability insurance protects you from having to pay for the damage with your private assets. 

In the event of a claim, a recreational craft liability indemnity compensates for any personal injury or property damage resulting from the handling of your recreational craft and at the same time fends off unjustified claims for damages. Boat liability also protects you should a third party cause damage to your boat and not be able to compensate for the damage incurred.   

Watercraft with an engine power of up to 5 hp as well as boats that are operated exclusively with muscle power, such as paddle boats, rowing boats or pedal boats, are otherwise covered by private liability. For all other watercraft, a separate boat liability insurance is required.

In general, all watercraft from jet skis to super yachts can be protected with boat liability insurance – but the liability insurance from is specifically tailored to sports boats.

What does a boat liability cost?

How much a boat liability policy costs depends on the type, equipment and size of your recreational boat. The area of application and the agreed sum insured also play a role. 

The area of coverage determines the waters to which your insurance applies. The more you limit the area in which you want to travel with your ship, the cheaper the insurance will be. 

The sum insured determines the amount up to which insurance cover is provided. The higher this sum, the more your insurance costs. But beware! If the sum insured is set too low and the damage you cause exceeds the sum provided by the insurance company, you will have to pay the rest yourself. 

Is it necessary to have boat liability?

Insurance cover through boat liability insurance is optional on German waters. While it is strongly advised to take out boat liability insurance, as damage to the person or property of others through one’s own fault will otherwise have to be paid out of one’s own pocket, it is not required by law. 

However, different rules apply on the waters of some other countries: Croatia, Italy, Spain and Switzerland have compulsory insurance for boaters. In these countries, you must always carry a foreign confirmation of boat insurance with you as proof that you have liability insurance that is valid in the respective country.

What are the advantages of boat liability insurance from

The individual coverage concepts of offer you worldwide protection and reliably and generously cover property damage and personal injury during the use of your recreational boat. 

The recreational craft liability insurance also takes effect in the event of culpably caused damage to your boat by third parties. If the other party to the accident is unable to pay for the damage caused, you will receive comprehensive protection through our default cover, which will then pay the costs of the other party.

Even as a skipper on a chartered boat, you are optimally covered with us, thanks to the integrated skipper’s liability. 

Our top benefits of recreational craft liability at a glance:

  • Worldwide cover
  • Dinghy without limit of indemnity
  • Liability insurance for skipper and replacement skipper
  • Best premiums
  • Regatta risk
  • Indemnity cover for liability damage
  • Rental property damage
  • Environmental and water damage with high sums insured
  • Trailer insurance
  • Water damage

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