The comprehensive insurance for sport boats

Boats are always associated with some asset. Loss or damage often happens unexpectedly and, if in doubt, can result in very high costs. However, being mindful is not always enough. Damage with an unknown or non-culpable cause, such as the effects of the weather, harbors a great risk that many owners underestimate.

BAVARIA AG‘s comprehensive insurance for boats covers total loss and partial damage to your own boat. Our comprehensive insurance protects your property comprehensively in the event of damage or loss. Apply for your boat hull insurance online now.

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Advantages of your sports boat insurance

The fixed rate protects you from a deviation in value from the market value to the sum insured. No deductions “New for old” means that you don’t have to take deductions for replacement parts in the event of damage. Winter storage is also insured, as are trailers, cranes and, of course, the regatta risk for sailors.

Your safety is our goal, which is why we offer you reliable protection against financial risks.

The comprehensive insurance for sport boats not only includes the ship itself with all accessories, but also the entire nautical equipment is included. Personal effects are automatically insured. A very interesting feature of the boat hull insurance is the Europe-wide assistance service package. We offer you our 100 percent free service package in the BAVARIA comprehensive insurance. If you have a problem, simply and easily call our 24-hour emergency service. We take care of your concerns around the clock – personally and quickly.

The BAVARIA AG – All risk coverage

The BAVARIA all-risks cover is also an essential part of the comprehensive insurance. This significantly increases the scope of services offered by a standard fully comprehensive insurance policy – ​​in contrast to individual risk coverage, in which all insured risks are listed individually.

This regulation is such a great advantage for insurance customers because the protection is much more comprehensive and easier to understand. In conventional tariffs, the scope of insurance is defined by the description of certain risks, the resulting damage and additional exclusions. This makes it difficult for customers to grasp the actual benefits of their insurance.
It’s easier with all-risk coverage. The usual list of insured risks is omitted here. Instead, all damage is insured unless explicitly excluded in the insurance conditions.

The advantage here is, firstly, that you can clearly see what is not insured. If you are wondering whether a certain risk is insured, you only have to check whether there is a corresponding exclusion. If this is not the case, there is insurance cover. The principle of all-risks insurance therefore offers very extensive insurance protection, even for things that may not even come to mind when we consider what we want to be insured against.

In addition to a very wide range of protection, all-risk insurance also has a significant legal advantage: it leads to a so-called reversal of the burden of proof. This means that in the event of a claim, the policyholder does not have to prove that the event that has occurred is included in the list of insured events, but the insurer has to prove that he is not obliged to pay.

You have very extensive insurance protection and where it ends is clear at all times thanks to the few exclusions from coverage – simple and transparent. This brings clarity to you as the insured and avoids disappointment in the event of a claim.

Here are the most important highlights of our comprehensive insurance for boats:

  • All-risk coverage
  • New for old / new value insurance
  • Fixed tax
  • No deductible for many types of damage
  • Salvage and wreck removal
  • Construction and material defects
  • Screw / Drive / Machinery
  • 24/7 claims service
  • Transportation and winter storage
  • Travel area extension
  • Dinghy and trailer
  • Regatta risk
  • Rigging, sails and tarpaulin
  • Personal effects also insured


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