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Fully Comprehensive Insurance

What does the fully comprehensive insurance for recreational craft cover?

What is the fully comprehensive insurance, why do you need it and how much does it cost? The fully comprehensive insurance for recreational craft is an important part of your all-round protection on the water. Find out everything you need to know about our insurance for recreational craft here.

The following questions are answered in this article:

  • What is a fully comprehensive insurance for pleasure craft?
  • What is all-risk cover?
  • What does our insurance for sports boats cost? 
  • What are the advantages of the insurance from 

What is fully comprehensive recreational craft insurance?

Comprehensive insurance for recreational craft compensates for damage to your boat that has an unknown and non-culpable cause. This means that comprehensive insurance for recreational craft covers theft or damage caused by weather conditions, for example. Unlike motor comprehensive insurance, for example, no distinction is made between full and partial comprehensive insurance: you therefore always enjoy full insurance cover with all benefits, which usually includes not only your boat itself, but also all nautical equipment and the personal belongings of passengers. 

But in what specific cases is comprehensive insurance for recreational craft liable? Many insurance policies have a so-called risk list for this purpose, on which the insured risks are listed individually. These include, for example, hail, lightning or fire. In the event of a claim, the case is only insured if the event that occurred is on this list. With the insurance from, however, you are insured with an all-risk cover. This means that all risks are insured, except for previously defined exceptions. 

What is all risks cover?

Many insurers use a risk list to determine whether a certain case is insured or not. However, this can quickly lead to confusion. An example: The risk list for a recreational craft insurance includes storm damage. Due to strong winds, a collision occurs between the insured recreational craft and an object in the water. But at what wind force does one speak of a storm? To prevent such disputes from arising in the first place, offers all-risk cover. 

With all-risk cover, a list of perils is dispensed with; instead, a number of explicit exclusions are specified before the insurance is taken out. The insurance then covers all cases that have not been explicitly excluded without having to consult a list beforehand. 

What does an insurance for pleasure craft cost?

When it comes to the cost of comprehensive insurance for pleasure craft, the most important aspect is the value of the boat you want to insure. The more valuable your boat, the more your insurance will cost. The agreed sum insured also has an influence on the insurance premium of a comprehensive insurance policy.

At you can insure your sports boat for a very manageable sum. Many insurers also grant discounts on the insurance premium if no damage is reported over a longer period of time (usually several years). This way, the costs for comprehensive insurance can be significantly reduced. 

What are the advantages of comprehensive insurance from ensures that you are optimally covered on the water. Our sports boat comprehensive insurance covers total loss as well as partial damage to your boat and also protects boating accessories, nautical equipment and personal items on board. 

The all-risk cover from is customer-friendly and ensures that all risks on water and on land are covered. This means you are protected against all risks that have not been expressly excluded in the insurance contract. 

Fast and reliable: helps you get your sports boat insurance quickly and easily. We are there for you 24 hours a day – personally and competently. If you have a problem, simply call our 24-hour emergency service and we will take up your concern around the clock. 

Our top benefits of comprehensive insurance for pleasure craft at a glance:

  • All risks cover
  • New for old / new value insurance
  • Fixed rate
  • No excess for many types of damage
  • Salvage and wreck removal
  • Construction and material defects covered
  • Bolt / drive / machinery covered
  • 24/7 claims service
  • Transport and winter storage included
  • Extension of cruising area
  • Dinghy and trailer covered
  • Regatta risk
  • Rig, sails and tarpaulin
  • Personal effects

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