Our insurances

Liability Insurance

As a yacht owner, you need a comprehensive insurance cover. Because events may still occur that we cannot foresee today. The special BAVARIA insurance cover concepts offer global protection for third-party liability and also include cover against personal and property damage, pecuniary loss, damage to rental property, dinghy and trailer, environmental and water damages – without the need for a higher premium. Racing in regattas is also covered. Our liability default insurance coverage is especially valuable.

We will check whether and to what extent liability for compensation exists and will settle justified claims. However, we will reject unsubstantiated claims for damages.

Fully comprehensive insurance

Our fully comprehensive insurance secures your property in case of damage or loss. Not only the vessel itself is insured with all the accessories, but also the entire navigational equipment, such as GPS systems and chart plotters, autopilots, technical equipment, sails, boat covers, and even the binoculars and radio. Personal effects are automatically covered up to 3,000- EUR total value.

Our fully comprehensive insurance coverage protects your property from everything from minor damages to even sinking, from broken masts to total engine failures, and covers all important nautical dangers on the water and in the harbour. And this with no extra fee.

Because we offer you the BAVARIA all-risk cover. Everything that is not explicitly excluded is insured. No ifs or buts.


Our BAVARIA Jetski Policy is the ideal protection for high-flyers on the water. Apply or contact us easily for the BAVARIA Jetski Policy and put fun and joy back into the center of your life. All the risks a Jetski driver faces are covered with our Jetski Policy and the 100% Full Risk Coverage.

Request an offer simply and easily and we will be happy to provide you with coverage tailored to your needs.

Als Eigner benötigen Sie einen umfassenden Versicherungsschutz, denn die reguläre private Haftpflichtversicherung greift in den meisten Fällen nicht oder nur in einem unverhältnismäßig kleinen Rahmen.

Notfalls haften Sie sogar mit Ihrem gesamten Vermögen. Daher ist es wichtig, für den Ernstfall gut abgesichert zu sein. Die individuellen BAVARIA-Deckungskonzepte der Bootsversicherung bieten Ihnen weltweiten Schutz mit der Yacht-Haftpflichtversicherung und decken Sach- und Personenschäden beim Gebrauch der Yacht großzügig ab – ähnlich einer Kfz-Versicherung für Landfahrzeuge und abgestimmt auf Ihre individuellen Bedürfnisse.

Auch im Falle von schuldhaft verursachten Schäden durch Dritte an Ihrem Schiff sind wir für Sie da! Kann der Unfallgegner den verursachten Schaden nicht zahlen, erhalten Sie umfassenden Schutz durch unsere Ausfalldeckung, die die Kosten der Gegenseite trägt.