BAVARIA AG’s Jet Ski Policy

Jet skis are considered the “motorcycles on the water” and in summer you can often see many enthusiasts having fun with their jet skis by the sea or on lakes. The name jet ski is derived from the English “to jet”, which is translated as “radiate, eject, shoot out”. This refers to the so-called water jet propulsion, which emerges from the nozzle of a pump at the rear of the vehicle. This prevents swimmers from being endangered by an exposed propeller.

A distinction is made between models that are driven standing up and are usually very sporty, and models on which two to four people drive sitting down. Well-known manufacturers include Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki and SeaDoo. After the demand for jet skis increased in the 1970s, some manufacturers gave their new products a name and had it protected as a trademark. The term “jet ski” actually stands for models from Kawasaki, “Waverunner” are actually manufactured by Yamaha and Honda used the term “AquaTrax”.
In order to use brand-independent names, the terms “personal watercraft” and “jet boat” were introduced – the term jet ski has become common.

Uncomplicated but not without risk

Riding a jet ski is a very uncomplicated form of water sports. You don’t need a fixed berth in a marina, but can travel flexibly with a trailer and are not tied to a fixed area. In Germany, driving a jet ski on waterways is permitted as part of tours and hiking trips. However, the jet ski-typical figure driving is only permitted on special so-called jet ski routes.
There are designated jet ski routes on the Elbe, Rhine, Moselle, Danube, Main and Neckar, among others.

But there are also risks for this type of water sports fun that you as a jet ski owner should know and be aware of. Especially on the water, the conditions can easily be underestimated and a loss of control over the jet ski resulting in an accident can happen quickly. In this case, jet ski insurance is of course useful and advantageous in order to avoid serious financial consequences. Therefore, an investment in a jet ski always includes the conclusion of a high-performance and reliable insurance package.

Tailor-made insurance protection

We have tailored our jet ski policy for your limitless and carefree speed fun on the water! In addition to accident protection, the comprehensive service package also protects you against damage from fire, lightning, explosion and storms, so that you can quickly have your jet ski ready for use again in an emergency. In addition to theft, we also insure burglary and the total loss of the entire watercraft.

With the BAVARIA jet ski policy, you are always on the safe side when it comes to carefree water sports fun and responsible insurance. In the event of damage, we will be by your side to advise you from the very first minute and settle the damage quickly and unbureaucratically. You can now also apply for our jet ski policy online.

Below are the highlights of the jet ski policy:

  • Fire
    If your jet ski is damaged by fire, you can rely on your BAVARIA AG jet ski policy. This damage is covered
  • Lightning strike
    In the unlikely event that your jet ski is struck by lightning and can no longer be used, the BAVARIA AG jet ski policy applies. Such weather damage is also insured.
  • Explosion
    The equally improbable event of an explosion damaging the jet ski is also covered by the BAVARIA AG jet ski policy.
  • Burglary/theft
    Sometimes you stow your wallet or other valuables in the jet ski. If these are stolen by a burglary, you are insured against it.
  • Storm
    As with comprehensive insurance for boats and yachts, damage caused by storms is also insured under BAVARIA AG’s jet ski policy.
  • Total loss
    As with comprehensive insurance for boats and yachts, damage caused by storms is also insured under BAVARIA AG’s jet ski policy.


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