Liability insurance for sports boats from BAVARIA AG.

As the owner of a sports boat – whether sailing or motor boat – you need comprehensive insurance cover. With our sports boat liability insurance, which you can easily apply for online here, you are perfectly protected if you cause damage to third-party property with your boat.

This is what our boat liability insurance for pleasure boats does:

The individual coverage concepts of BAVARIA AG offer you worldwide protection with liability insurance for sports boats and cover property damage and personal injury when using your boat generously and individually tailored to you. Liability insurance is the basic protection for everyone who is on the water with a sports boat, whether as the owner, as a skipper or substitute skipper, on a borrowed boat or as an athlete in a regatta.

The sports boat liability is comparable to a motor vehicle liability insurance. In the event of damage, it protects you from having to be held liable with your private assets, fends off unjustified claims for damages and also steps in if a third party is unable to compensate for damage to your boat caused by them.

Not mandatory, but advisable

In contrast to motor vehicle liability insurance, liability for boats is not legally binding in Germany. However, boat owners should always take out liability insurance for their boat in their own interest, as otherwise it can be very expensive in the event of damage. In addition, insurance is compulsory in some European countries. If you want to drive your boat here, you must have proof of insurance with you. Otherwise, the local authorities are entitled to impose heavy fines.

Incidentally, private liability insurance can only replace boat liability insurance in rare cases: Watercraft with an engine power of up to 5 hp and boats that are operated exclusively with muscle power, such as paddle boats, rowing boats or pedal boats, are usually covered by private liability insurance covered. For all other vehicles you need your own insurance cover.

You can read more about how liability insurance for boats is structured and why you should definitely take out one in our article on pleasure craft liability.

The most important advantages of the BAVARIA boat liability insurance at a glance:

  • Global coverage
  • Dinghy without power limitation
  • Liability insurance for skippers and substitute skippers
  • Best Rewards
  • Regatta risk
  • Loss coverage for liability claims
  • Rental property damage also insured
  • Environmental and water damage with high sums insured
  • Trailer insurance
  • Water damage covered


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