The passender accident insurance from BAVARIA AG

Passenger accident insurance is a special form of accident insurance and offers insurance cover in the event that the occupants of your boat are injured in an accident. After all, incidents can also occur at any time in water sports, and the best way to protect yourself as an owner is to protect yourself against them. After all, as the boat driver, you have a special responsibility towards your passengers.

Passenger accident insurance benefits

The BAVARIA AG passenger accident insurance offers high coverage of up to 1.2 million euros and, in addition to liability and comprehensive insurance, forms the perfect rounding off of your insurance package. Should an incident occur in which the occupants of your boat are injured, the sum insured will be divided by the number of people on the boat at the time of the accident. Each person is therefore insured with the corresponding partial amount of the sum insured.

Personal accident insurance covers the cost of searching, rescuing or rescuing people, cosmetic surgery and any repatriation costs, and provides coverage for death and disability.

Incidentally, accident insurance for passengers applies, regardless of whether you are responsible for the accident or not. If the accident was not caused by gross negligence, you will receive your benefits quickly and easily without having to wait for the often lengthy clarification of who is at fault.

Unlike many other providers, the length of the boat is irrelevant to us. The BAVARIA passenger insurance cover is therefore suitable for both the smallest boats and large yachts. Many insurers require a health check before taking out passenger accident insurance. However, this is not necessary with the BAVARIA AG passenger accident insurance. So if a guest has a previous illness that worsens as a result of an accident, the accident insurance will still apply. For example, one of your passengers has an undiagnosed orthopedic condition. An accident involving your boat will worsen the person’s condition, requiring medical attention and hospitalization. Here, too, the passenger accident insurance would pay for the costs of the treatment.

Which accidents are insured?

Accidents can take many different forms and often happen when you least expect them. Cases where boat guests have fallen overboard through carelessness, fallen off the gangway due to a material defect, or simply got a finger caught in the cabin door are the most harmless examples. The BAVARIA AG passenger accident insurance is therefore designed in such a way that you and your guests are protected in all imaginable situations during the entire trip.

This includes, for example:

  • entering or exiting the boat
  • working on board, for example in winter storage
  • carrying out repairs, also in the mast and rig of sailing boats
  • docking and docking in the port
  • performing slip and crane operations
  • participation in a charter cruise
  • the use of tenders or dinghies

Incidentally, the occupant accident protection also applies to regatta participation. This facet of sailing generally involves a higher level of risk than pure cruising.

All the advantages of BAVARIA AG passenger accident insurance at a glance:

  • Complete protection of owner and guests
  • No health check necessary
  • Coverage of search, rescue or recovery costs of persons
  • Coverage of cosmetic surgeries
  • Coverage of repatriation costs
  • Insurance coverage for death and disability
  • Also applies to regatta participation
  • No boat size limitation
  • High sums insured of up to 1.2 million euros


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