Are you the owner of a sport boat or would you like to be? Then you should also know what boat insurance costs. 

Read here everything you need to know about how the costs of sports boat insurance are made up. 

What does sports boat insurance cost?

The question “What does sports boat insurance cost?” is not easy to answer, because the cost of insurance cover for boats can vary greatly depending on what kind of boat it is. It is therefore hardly possible to make blanket statements about the price of sports boat insurance. We always advise you to get an individual quote and read it carefully. 

Request your personal offer for a sports boat insurance simply and without obligation. We make it easy, for example, via our quotation form or online at 

However, if you want to get a rough idea of what costs you will incur with sports boat insurance and how they break down, then simply read on here. 

The cost of sports boat insurance is made up of the following aspects: 

  • Type of insurance
  • Type, equipment and size of the yacht
  • Area of validity
  • Sum insured

Type of insurance

Accordingly, you should first be clear about what kind of insurance you want to take out. You can usually choose between boat liability insurance and comprehensive insurance. 

Boat liability insurance

Boat liability insurance covers you for damage caused by your boat to others. Although there is no legal obligation in Germany, a boat liability insurance is obligatory for owners of a sport boat, because the private liability does not apply here and without such an insurance you would have to pay for damages with your own assets in the worst case.

Comprehensive insurance for boats

Comprehensive insurance compensates you for damage to your boat. This includes damage caused by storms or hail, but also the loss of the boat due to theft. Some providers, including BAVARIA, also offer an all-risk cover with the sport boat comprehensive insurance, which then covers everything that has not been expressly excluded. 

Boat liability insurance is usually the cheaper of the two insurances – but for optimal insurance cover, it is advisable to take out both insurances. Many insurers offer so-called combination packages for this purpose. 

Type, equipment and size of the boat

In addition to the type of insurance, the subject matter of the insurance also plays a major role, of course. The cost of sport boat insurance depends on various factors such as the model, year of construction, size, performance and equipment of the insured boat. The larger, newer and more powerful, the higher the insurance premium.

Area of application

Another decisive cost factor for sports boat insurance is the area of coverage that you agree with your insurer. Therefore, think carefully beforehand about the waters on which you want to travel with your boat. The wider you limit the area, the cheaper the insurance will be.

Your insurance cover will then only apply to the agreed area of validity. If you leave this area with your boat, you should inform your insurer in advance. The cruising area can then be extended quickly and easily so that you are optimally covered.

Insurance sum

The sum insured determines the amount up to which insurance cover is provided and how much you will receive from your insurer in the event of a claim. The sum is usually calculated by your provider and depends on the value of your boat. Make sure that this sum is not calculated too low, because if the damage ultimately exceeds the sum insured, you will have to pay for the remaining costs yourself.

By the way, in most cases you are responsible for determining the value of your boat yourself. If the official documents and photos of your boat are not sufficient for your insurer, you can also commission a valuation. There are various providers for this; BAVARIA AG can gladly provide you with some addresses of experts who are located near your mooring or home port. 

With these key data in mind, you can already estimate the rough costs for your recreational craft insurance. Liability insurance for a small sailing boat that you want to use on a local inland lake is available for less than XX euros per year. If you want to take out liability insurance for a heavily motorised speedboat, the costs can be in the range from XX euros.

Save on sports boat insurance

There are ways to reduce the cost of your sports boat insurance and thus save money. The magic words here are seasonal insurance, deductibles, no-claims bonus and combined policies. 


The excess is the share that you have to pay yourself in the event of a claim. The insurer covers all costs above this amount. The higher the excess, the lower your annual premiums. As a rule, however, an excess is only possible with comprehensive insurance.

No-claims bonus

The no-claims bonus is also only possible in comprehensive insurance. It gives you a discount for your insurance if you do not report any damage over a longer period of time. 

Combined insurance

A combined insurance policy combines liability and comprehensive cover in one contract. In the vast majority of cases, a combined policy is significantly cheaper than two individual policies. 

However, the best cover is provided by BAVARIA AG‘s all-risk cover. It is the best possible protection without any ifs and buts. Everything that is not expressly excluded is also insured here. In addition, there is no reversal of the burden of proof; the insurer is obliged to provide evidence in the event of a claim. At first glance, this insurance may be a little more expensive, but it offers a certain carefree factor that plays a major role when practising a hobby with sometimes incalculable risks.

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