The types of insurance at

As the owner of a motorboat, sailing dinghy or even a large yacht, however, you also need comprehensive insurance cover, because regular private liability insurance does not apply in most cases, or only to a disproportionately small extent. Should an incident occur on the water, you would even be liable with your entire assets without liability insurance for boats and yachts. It is therefore important to be well insured in case of an emergency. 

From our own experience, we know exactly what is required of a special insurance policy or a pleasure craft insurance policy. That’s why we calculate your individual hull and liability premium so that you receive the best possible benefits at the lowest possible premiums. In other words, the best insurance cover, which can only be provided by someone who knows exactly what you really need. Below we explain the details of liability and comprehensive insurance for recreational craft. The premium product that provides you with very comprehensive cover is comprehensive insurance with all-risk coverage. 


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